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The Moko’s Chronicles


The Moko’s Chronicles immerses you in an original universe, that of Mokos. Daro developers offers a new adventure which promises to be just as exciting. Get ready to go to one of the largest worlds ever created for a MMORPG online free without downloading.

The Mokos, creatures cute and original

The Mokos are small mystical creatures. They look like cats who have no front legs. Original but also cute at will, which should greatly appeal to the female. Your role is to raise one. You have to feed, heal him when he falls ill, develop these faculties and dress as you wish. In all, the game offers so far a range of over 400 different equipment with hats, belts, mouths, colors … It is really immersive online game that you should try out at least once.

A world wide in the many activities

The world of The Moko’s Chronicles is particularly large. It offers, for the launch, more than 50 different cards. It is possible to interact with objects and NPCs. You can also beat you with watches, friends or enemies, using a combat system that supports turn-based. There are many quests to complete. They allow you to win unique items that can be very powerful. A wealth of additional activities is also practical as fishing, logging, work in mines or picking fruit.

Les atouts de The Moko’s Chronicles

The Moko’s Chronicles is all that we have presented, but much more. This is a non-exhaustive list of what to expect about this game:

– auctions,

– the mini games to earn money (not real money, we are not in a casino)

– a community created by the game but also cats, forum, blog …

– a guild system with the ability to go to war against other guilds

– a creation and management of a castle hosting a guild