F.E.A.R GAME Quick Review


This is one of those rare situations where we are not really sure that we talk to everyone, but here goes: FEAR 2 is a new DLC, the “Armored Front Map Pack on May 21 540 MS points on XBL or $ 6.99 on PSN, you have two cards, “Driver” and “decoy” (descriptions that we have after the break) and a four interchangeable heads, which is just enormous.

But you still playing F.E.A.R. 2 multiplayer? Or Warner Bros. can load these products as well as maps to the darkest recesses of space?

* Map Conductor: Push the exit of a train in the garden wide and ended the season on the departure of a player. AAE fight your way through the floor, as infantry or you can choose the support level or lower than the height of the station and in the long range combat.

* Decoy Map: Put your skills to the test in the full replica of the training of soldiers! Once controlled field exercises for combat, is now under the control of an attack between reproduction and ATV. Watch out for ambushes, and not let the pop-up dummies to fool you!