cursed mounting game wii pc



Do you like Resident Evil? or Alone in the dark better for you? Today I suggest Cursed Mountain for the Wii? If the below video and our time spent with the game are any indication, Deep Silver might be putting a new classic of the genre on the map.

The behind the scenes video digs more into the game’s lore than its gameplay, but it is plenty clear that even Buddhism can get really scary. The devs seem to have done their research on the subject, and then pushed it into a format that would be entertaining for a survival horror medium. I’m pretty sure most of the stuff going on in the game doesn’t have that much to do with actual Buddhism, but it looks creepy none the less. Design of this game is also great for a Wii game never the less. Here’s to hoping the gameplay stands up to our hopes and dreams for the game and that it gets some actual support when it comes out.