travian and strategy games

Couple of fast games for every day game lover


Travian the game as a village chief

Your browser game Travian is a phenomenon. What was first published in 2004, making millions of players worldwide fun. Recently underwent a complete revision of the long-running – and it was packed more fun into the game. The player starts as a chief of a small village and builds slowly from his village and his power. He can interact with other players over 4 million on a giant map, create alliances, trading, and make war. Travian is an exciting time strategy game, which directly without downloading and without installing additional software is playable in the browser. Registration is completely free.

Age of Empires Online

GamesCom gaming overwhelms all the news, but we must not forget that the free-to-play Age of Empires Online has just arrived, with its share of pay package for those who want more. The game is also split a very nice video (already appeared some time ago, but this is the full version) that complies with the new design and cartoon that has a clear eyeful. For information, this is Axis Animation (Scotch, as what they are eating something other than the rumen of sheep and cutting off heads to recover energy) which is behind the scene, otherwise best known for also made ​​the famous video of Dead Island has created a buzz on the web some time ago.

Empires in Flames building strategy game

Europe is on fire! Napoleon’s armies conquer the continent inexorably. Let yourself be carried away by one of the most fascinating periods in European history. Struggles on the part of the Royal British Army or the Grande Armee of Napoleon. Prove yourself as a skilled commander and conquer Europe. It is your task to build cities in the name of your nation to expand and defend against your enemies. Among other dragoons, hussars, line infantry or grenadiers are under your command. With them you can put your tactical skills to prove. Conquer the towns of your enemies and enlarge your sphere of influence. But not only the armies of Britain and France abound on the battlefields of Europe and guerrillas threaten the security of your cities. Find the general of the insurgents and take home so that a place among the best of the best. The time has come: the gripping arms and conquer Europe with this best gaming for free timer ever.