Ultra Street Fighter IV Cheats

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be the fourth entry in the Street Fighter IV series. Well five if you count Street Fighter X Tekken. Street Fighter IV is a very competitive game and getting good at it can be pretty tough. But today in looking forward to Ultra Street Fighter IV. I am going to give you guys some general Street Fighter IV tips that you can use in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Cheats

Ultra Street Fighter IV Cheats

Pick A Character And Stick With Him Or Her

Ultra Street Fighter IV is adding some cool new characters to the roster, but if you really want to get serious about the game. You will want to pick one character and stick with them. Ken and Ryu are by far the best characters for a new player to use. But if you want pick the character you like the look of best and dedicate yourself to becoming a master with them. Play the arcade mode a million times., do the challenges, practice in local and online characters. The bottom line is if you stick with a character you will ultimately learn everything about them. Ultra Street Fighter IV is a game where its best to be a master with one character rather than being average with 7 or 8.


Know Your Opponent

Ultra Street Fighter IV Cheats Your Opponent

No two matches of Street Fighter IV are the same. Playing against the AI is a great way to learn the basics of each character. For example when you are fighting a character like Guile. Then you do not jump at him. Playing against Zangief requires a totally different strategy than playing against someone using Sagat. This is something you learn through playing against the AI before taking on real people. Each human player you play against will have a different play style, but knowing what each character special moves are and a few of their combos at least will give you some little idea of what they are capable of.


Get Ready To Lose And Accept It

This is not going to make you better at the game, but this is aimed at making you a good part of the Street Fighter IV community. Street Fighter IV in all its forms is a very competitive game. And as good as you are at the game, trust me when I tell you that you will come up against people who will put you in your place every day. The thing you need to do here is learn how to, not so much like losing, but accepting it. For the most part the Super Street Fighter IV community is great, but there are those guys who pitch a major fit when thy lose…… do not be one of these types of players!


Throwing Can Be Devastating

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Cheats Throwing

Throwing is something that is often overlooked in Super Street Fighter IV. As a matter of fact there are some Street Fighter players who see throwing as a “cheap” tactic. But the fact is throwing is a move that is in the game so if you ask me its fair game. Nailing an opponent with a throw can do three things. First it actually dishes out some decent damage. Secondly it can set them up to be hit with another move and thirdly it can really rattle your opponent to be thrown so get in there and let them have it!


Understand Blocking

Far to many Street Fighter IV players get their butts handed to them because they do not understand how to block properly. Learning to block and play defensively is vital to picking up some wins when playing online. The first kind of block is a standing block this is where you hold away from your opponent. This is what you use when you are being attacked from above or head on. Holding down and away from your opponent does a crouching block this protects from low attacks, but if you try this when they are doing a jumping attack you will get hit. Learn how to use both types of blocks and learn fast!

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