Titanfall Game Full Cheats

Titanfall is the must own game for the Xbox One and luckily Xbox 360 and PC owners are able to get in on this amazing shooter as well. Titanfall is just an absolute blast to play, but as the game has been out for a couple of months now it can be quite daunting to get involved in these epic online battles. Well to help you guys out we have some pretty cool tips for getting started in Titanfall.

Titanfall Game Full Cheats

titanfall cheats

Keep On Moving

Having your Pilot standing still for more than a few seconds is a sure fire way to get killed. Titanfall is a game that is all about fast paced action. Taking time to line up an enemy in your sights while standing still is just going to get yourself shot. You need to keep on moving and using the athleticism of your Pilot.


Do Not Hide And Wait For Your Titan

It can be so tempting to findВ  a little spot on the map and just hide and wait for your Titan to drop. Big mistake! You see each person you shoot and kill will make your timer go down faster. So if you are hiding and the other players are out in the thick of battle then their Titans will drop much faster than yours. You really do not want to be the only Pilot when the whole enemy team has Titans!


Do Not Be Scared To Use Your Cloaking Ability

titanfall cheats Cloaking Ability
The amount of time you could have avoided being killed by using your Titan is crazy. So many people die when they have access to their cloaking ability. The cloaking ability is a great way from getting away from a Titan. Use your cloak and hide round a corner until they pass or until you can sneak away an get your bearings.


Kill The NPC’s

titanfall cheats NPC

Titanfall battles have a number of computer controlled characters that are also running around. It can be very tempting to just ignore these, but this is a mistake on two levels. First of all just because you are ignoring them does not mean they are ignoring you. But also killing these computer controlled characters makes your Titan come quicker.


When In A Titan Trick Pilots

When in a Titan you will have a Pilot jump on you to try and take you down. You will get the rodeo notification that lets you know a Pilot is on your Titan. What you want to do hear is not panic. Instead crouch and make your Titan look down. 9/10 the Pilot will think you are going to disembark and they will jump off you. Now you can zoom back and put them in their place.


Do Not Forget About Your Side Arm

titanfall cheats Side Arm
So many Titanfall players ignore their sidearm. But in the heat of battle you are sometimes better switching to your side arm rather than reloading your main gun. You see if it’s you and another guy trading off shots. Taking the time to reload can see you die. But if you just quickly change to your side arm maybe those last few shots from your side arm will be enough to put them down.

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