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Thief is a fun stealth game that many people are having a great time with, especially on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. But you guys who are playing on PC and the other consoles. Do not worry these hints and tips apply to you guys as well. As fun as Thief is, the game is not perfect and that is what our hints and tips are for. So please read on to find out how to make sure you are safe in the shadows!


Shadows Know Best

The whole point of Thief is to avoid hand to hand combat when possible and stick to the shadows. It can be really tough to know if the enemies can see you or not. If you have Garret standing in the shadows then chances are he is safe. Even if an enemy is walking right towards you and you are in his line of sight. As long as you are standing in the shadows then they should not see you standing there. It can be tempting to move out of the shadows and find a new place to hide. Let me tell you that 99/100 this is a huge mistake! Trust the shadows my friends, trust the shadows!


Thief Cheats Arrows

Know Your Arrows

One of the best things that you can do is make sure you are fully stocked up on arrows. Making Garret a more skilled thief by improving his skills is important. But the best thing you can do is make sure your quiver is busting at the seams (do quivers even have seams?) with different arrows. No matter what you need to do in Thief, there will be an arrow for it here is a list of what the arrows can do.


Blast Arrows: These do what you would expect they explode! You can get these after you have unlocked them in chapter 4.


Blunt Arrows: These may not be good for killing, but they are perfect for hitting a switch in the distance or for making a distraction.


Broadhead Arrows: These arrows have one purpose and that is to kill. At the very least Garret will hurt an enemy with these, but a well placed shot can be fatal.


Choke Arrows: These arrows are best used when there are birds or dogs that can give away your location. Fire one of these bad boys to knock them out.


Fire Arrows: These are perfect for igniting something flammable.


Rope Arrows: If an area looks to high then fire one of these onto an anchor beam so you can get to the area. You can find all kinds of hidden goodies with these!


Sawtooth Arrows: These arrows are what you need when you want to hurt an enemy who is wearing armor.


Water Arrows: These are great if an area is well lit. Fire one of these at a flame and it can put it out.


Thief Cheats

Look Where You Are Walking

Garret is a character who is nimble on his feet, but there are many things that can trip you up. Be it the noise of your feet on broken glass, a floor trap or stepping off something by accident. Garret is a great athlete, but you still need to make sure you are looking where you are going. Use Focus in order to find any traps. As you go through the game you will start to get a feeling for where a trap could be. Some indications are broken glass and sleeping guards.


Look Up, Around And Down

A huge part of the game is in stealing loot. Hey the game is called Thief after all. It can be so easy to miss some amazing loot in this game. Each area you should be looking around to see what is hidden. If there is nothing right in front of you then do not forget to look up. Use Focus so you can pinpoint anchor beams that are hard to find. Even if you see a random cabinet or say a crate on the floor. Climb up on it as you never know what may be up there!

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