South Park: The Stick Of Truth Cheats [with Pictures]

It may have taken years to happen, but South Part: The Stick Of Truth finally does the amazing TV series justice. The game is one of the most fun action RPG’s you will ever play. Today we are giving you guys a few hints and tips to help you get through the game. Here is the most important South Park: The Stick Of Truth Cheats.

 South Park: The Stick Of Truth Cheats

Pick The Right Partner

South Park Stick of Truth Cheats

When you create your character you get to pick a partner. It can be very tempting to just pick your favorite character from the show. But you should pick a character who compliments the class you have made your own character. For example if you make your character a Fighter. Then pick Jimmy as your partner as he will improve your already impressive PP abilities. Likewise if you create a Mage then pick a partner such as Stan who is a powerful melee character that will give you an added dimension to your attacks.


Talk To Everyone

South Park The Stick of Truth Chat

The story in this game is just amazing. Its very well written and voice acted so you should want to talk to everyone just from a story point of view. But talking to people also gets you friends, sets you up on bonus quests and can score you bonus stuff as well. And if a person is not keen on being your friend go back to them later and see if they will


Use The More Info Tab To Look At Enemies

South Park The Stick of Truth Info Tab

The More Info tab should be used every time you encounter a new enemy type. It is actually very useful as it tells you what an enemy is weak and strong against. This can save you so much time as you will know exactly what attacks to use right from the start. You may think this is boring and there is no point doing it. But taking half a minute to read up on a new enemy tape can save you a whole bunch of time in battle.


Power Up Your Weapons And Armor

South Park The Stick of Truth Weapons And Armor

Using the right strap-ons and equipment patches is a great way to give yourself a huge advantage in battle. Take a look at what buffs your equipment and of course your weapons have. Attach the strap-ons and equipment patches that compliment them. For example you will want to put on armor patches to a weapon where the damage multiplies depending on what your armor level is.


Use Ability Points Wisely

South Park The Stick of Truth Ability Points

Each of the character classes in South Park The Stick Of Truth has five abilities to use. It can be tempting to just apply those early ability points to pretty much everything and spread them around really thinly. What you want to do is save them up for as long as you can and work out what abilities you actually like to use. This way you can really power up a couple of abilities and have them be really strong. It is better to have say two max powered abilities rather than five average ones.


Explore Every Nook And Cranny….. And Then Go Back

You will come across many areas in the game where you cannot go because you need a certain ability like the Gnome Dust to get past holes in fences, the Nagasaki Fart for the Green Glowing Rock. Exploration is a huge part of this game and when you come to an area that is blocked off. Do not forget about it. Go back later and you will get a sweet bonus!

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