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To say that Nintendo struck gold with PokГ©mon is an understatement. It seems like each and every game in the franchise takes things to a whole new level. PokГ©mon X and Y certainly did just that. Still getting into PokГ©mon games can be quit the daunting process. That is why we have worked our socks off in order to give you guys some hints and tips to help you on your quest to become a PokГ©mon master.

pokemon X and Y cheats

Get A Balanced Team

For most new players to PokГ©mon when they pick their first PokГ©mon they do so based on how they look. Let me tell you right now no matter if you are playing PokГ©mon X or Y that you need to pick Chespin. Now go online and download the character Torchic. Use these two PokГ©mon to defeat the first Gym Leader in the game. Now once in Lumiose City go to the Lab and take Squirtle. Chespin, Torchic and Squirtle make up a tremendously balanced team for you to get past the early parts of the game!

pokemon X and Y cheats pokeballs

Have Pokeballs Coming Out The Whazoo!

You simply can never have too many Pokeballs in either PokГ©mon X or Y. The worst thing that can happen in either of these PokГ©mon games is to find a very rare PokГ©mon out in the wild and then not have a Pokeball to capture it with. There are many different Pokeballs in the game with more becoming unlocked as you progress through the game so make sure you stock up whenever you can.


Do Not Skip Battles!!!

It can be so tempting in PokГ©mon games to rush through an area avoiding taking on wild PokГ©mon and other PokГ©mon trainers. This is a huge mistake. Battling is what levels you’re PokГ©mon up and in the long run the more battles you do in an area will ensure you have an easier time when you get to the next gym.


Have A Training Schedule

Part of being a PokГ©mon Master is training your PokГ©mon. Your main PokГ©mon should always be at least 8 levels higher when you go to the next gym. So if you just beat a gym by the time you get to the next one your PokГ©mon should be 8-10 levels higher. Make sure you battle whenever you can so that your PokГ©mon are getting trained properly. By just running to the next gym as quickly as possible without training your PokГ©mon, then you are probably not going to do very well!

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Talk To Everyone!!!

While so may see this as a pain in the butt. The fact of the matter is you really should be speaking to as many people in each town and those you encounter on the road. Not only can they give you some important advice such as how to beat the next gym leader. They may also give you some cool items such as Pokeballs! Some people that you speak to may even give you a PokГ©mon or be willing to make a pretty neat trade.

Save Your Game All The Time

Both PokГ©mon X and Y only have one save slot. This means that saving your game at the right time is absolutely vital. You see in PokГ©mon X and Y each time you save your save file is overwritten. This means you cannot have a back up save file. Make sure you save your game before you have a battle with a gym leader, villainous hideouts and when dealing with Legendary PokГ©mon. This way if you screw it up you can just power down your 3DS or 2DS and have another go.

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