Outlast Cheats

Outlast is finally on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This is the game that survival horror fans have been waiting years for. As the game is so scary you no doubt will be dying a great deal as you are hiding behind a pillow all the time. Well to help you out we have some great Outlast tips that will actually as well as work on the Xbox One version will also work on the Playstation 4 and the PC version of the game as well. Remember in Outlast you have three choices Run, Hide or Die!!!! You have two ways to survive in Outlast one is by making use of your video camera and the other is by hiding and running away.

Outlast Cheats

Outlast Cheats

Your Video Camera

Outlast Cheats Video Camera

You cannot fight back in Outlast. The only thing you have in your defense is your night vision video camera. This may not sound like a great deal, but you will be thankful of this camera. You see this asylum you are in will have a ton of areas that are just pitch black. Outlast is not a game you want to be wandering in the dark with. So make sure you use your night vision. Now your camera will use batteries when you have the night vision on so make sure you use it smartly. For example if there is a long dark corridor with a small amount of light at the end. Use your night vision to zoom down the corridor and thenВ  when you know its safe run to the light in the dark! You can only carry ten batteries at a time so also keep that in mind.

outlast cheats PS4

Batteries for the most part are pretty easy to find and as long as you have at least two batteries you should always stumble across some more when you play through the game. But still do not waste your batteries. As scary as it can be always take the time to explore for batteries.

Your video camera also will let you document the events of what are happening in this place. When ever you enter a new area of the game make sure you pull your camera up and start recording to see if Miles writes anything down in his journal.

Hiding And Running Away


Outlast is a scary as hell game and all you can do to keep away from these crazy inmates is hide and be patient. Now the good news for you guys is that the enemies in the game cannot see a darn thing in the dark. So if you run into a dark room look for the corner or hide under the bed and fire up your camera. Keep perfectly still and wait for them to leave. If a enemy does find you then run for the hills! It takes three hits to kill you so just keep on running and look for another place to hide and prey that they did not see you go in there!

While it can be truly terrifying to have a enemy with a bat, a regular crazy guy, a naked crazy guy or that big giant dude coming at you. Outlast does have many places to hide and its in keeping a cool head when being chased that will get you out of trouble.

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Remember though if you run into a room and hide under the bed and the enemy sees you do this then they will just pull you straight out. Also if you hide in a locker and the enemy is looking around the room. Sometimes even if you are silent they will out of curiosity open it up. So make sure you are always ready to run!


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