Lego The Hobbit Cheats

The Lego series of games seem to just better and better with each release. They have tackled Star Wars, Marvel, DC, their own movie and of course their latest game The Hobbit. Lego The Hobbit puts that funny Lego spin on the Hobbit movie. The Lego games are already a great deal of fun and to make Lego The Hobbit even better we have some things to help you out!

Lego The Hobbit Cheats

Lego The Hobbit Cheats

Unlock Characters

To start with here are some secret codes that will unlock some extra characters for you to play as. These cods work for all versions of the game and can be entered in the pause menu of the game. When in pause menu, go to extras and then enter a code.


Unlock Azog

Lego The Hobbit Cheats Unlock Azog


Unlock Baliman Butterbur


Unlock Braga

Lego The Hobbit Cheats Unlock Braga


Unlock Sauron


General Tips

Next up we have some cool tips that will help you guys become a Lego master. Follow these beginner tips to help you get your journey in Lego The Hobbit off to a great start.


If You Can Break It….. Then Break It

Lego The Hobbit Cheats Lego Studs

If you are no stranger to the Lego series of games then you know that you need to break everything that you possibly can in order to get Lego Studs. Well Lego The Hobbit is no different in this regard. Smash everything that you can to get as many Studs as possible. Some levels you may not be able to get all of the Studs in your first play through, but once you can unlock free play mode its worth going back to get more Lego Studs.


Look Out For Jumping Bricks

You may think that those Logo bricks which are jumping on the floor are some kind of trap, but they are actually one of the keep game play components in Lego the Hobbit. When you see jumping Lego bricks this means that they can be built into something cool by your character. Just walk over to them and press the button on your controller that will see your little Lego character get to work building an object that will either help your progress through the level or let you smash it to earn some more Lego Studs.


Use Your Special Attacks

It can be very tempting to just run through the game button mashing. And this to be fair can get you very far in the game. But the majority of the characters in Lego The Hobbit have their own special attacks. On the Xbox you hold down B to charge up a characters special attack. And on the Xbox you need to hold down the O button. These special attacks dish out more damage and in most cases can take down an enemy in just one hit. And they do make the game more fun to play as they mix up the combat.


Do Not Miss Out On That Lego Loot

Lego The Hobbit Cheats Lego Loot

A new and cool feature in Lego The Hobbit is collecting loot. Certain items in the game like keys for example will require you to collect a certain number of items like wood, rubies and rope to name a few. You do this and then you get to craft a new item that will help you on your journey. Be sure to keep an eye out for the items that you need so you do not just run past them trying to finish the level as quickly as you can!

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