InFamous: Second Son Cheats

By far the number one exclusive game in the early days of the Playstation 4 is InFamous Second Son. This is an awesome third person action game set in a really cool version of Seattle. This is a super hero game that is not held down by the confines of say the Marvel or DC license. Anyway enough of that. Let’s get on and look at some hints and tips to help you get the most out of InFamous Second Son.

InFamous Second Son Cheats Powers

Know Your Powers And When To Use Them

One of the cool things about InFamous Second Son is that all of the powers have their own fun and interesting style as well as their own speciality. The key to success though in the game is knowing that some powers are good for a certain thing where as others are not. You can pretty much get by just using the same power. But you can make things easier and more fun by taking the time to learn what powers are best at a certain thing. A perfect example is the Smoke Power. Smoke is perfect as a close range weapon. And when you use the Cinder Missiles and some of the other powerful shots it can be really devastating. But it is also one of the slowest powers when it comes to getting you around Seattle quickly. So you using Smoke in battle is a great idea, but using it to traverse around Seattle is not. Learn each powers strength and weakness!!!


InFamous Second Son Cheats - Karmic Streaks

Use Karmic Streaks To Devastate The Enemies

Your Karmic Streaks are your most deadly weapon in the game. You can use your Karmic Streak if you are playing the game good by subduing a certain amount of enemies. If you are playing the game from an evil point of view then you can use it once you kill a certain amount of enemies. Make use of your Karmic Streaks when you are surrounded by enemies or find yourself in a bit of trouble with enemies overwhelming you.


InFamous Second Son Cheats Blast Shards

Side Missions And Collecting Blast Shards Are Well Worth Your Time

Far too many people play this game by just running through the story. While this is cool if you are a “I only care about the story” kind of gamer. You are actually missing out on a great deal of fun and you are making the game harder for yourself. Doing the side missions is a great way to boost your karma and also get you more skilled at the game as well. Blast Shards really are essential. No matter when you are doing in the game if you see a Quad Copter flying around stop what you are doing, take it down and drain that shard!


InFamous Second Son Cheats Upgrade Your Powers

Make Sure You Remember To Upgrade Your Powers!!!!!

InFamous Second Son is a game that has a great difficulty progression. The further you get into the game the harder it gets. To counter this your powers need to get well, more powerful to take them down. That is why we just talked about collecting the Blast Shards as these let you upgrade your powers. New players to the game should make sure that the first upgrades they do are Cinder Missile for your Smoke power and Light Speed Run for Neon. This gives you a good early balance of moving around the city quickly and also being a tough SOB as well.


InFamous Second Son Cheats Dying

Sometimes Dying Is Not A Bad Thing

There are a few sections in the game where you will die because of the sheer number of people attacking you. This is the case in some areas where you need to destroy Signal Jammers and other things that need to be destroyed. You may want to try and sneak in and destroy an object. But you can just run in there and destroy the object and ignore the people attacking you. Yes you will probably die, but if you destroy the object first it will not re-spawn once you have died! This is a great tip for when things are getting a little frustrating when you are trying to destroy an object.

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