GTA 5 Online Cheats

Today we are going to look at some hints and tips that will make your life as you start play GTA Online a little easier. These tips will work on both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. So keep reading and you will be the king of GTA Online in no time.

В GTA 5 Online Cheats

gta 5 online cheats

Do Not Steal The First Car You See!!!!

gta 5 online cheats - cars
When you first fire up the game it can be so tempting to just run and steal that first car you find. This is a mistake that so many people make. Do not just take that first car you see. Have a little look around for a car that you actually like the look of. You see the first car you steal you are stuck with until you have enough money to buy a new one.


Find Some Buddies

gta 5 online team
While it is really cool to be a one man wrecking crew. The fact is working as part of a gang can be much more beneficial to you. You can either invite people to come and join you or you can just want for someone to invite you. You get 20% more rep for group activities. So it’s worthwhile playing certain events over and over.


Have Some Good Fire Power

gta 5 online all the guns
The streets of online Los Santos are a horrible place where there are people waiting to shoot you in the face round every corner. So make sure that you are not just walking around with some tiny little pistol. Rather than buying the most powerful gun that you can afford. You are best buying the gun that you used most often in the single player game. We all build up an attachment to certain weapons in the game. And it’s much easier to keep things game play wise like the single player mode at first until you are comfortable.


Deposit Your Cash Frequently

gta 5 online depositing a money
While it may make you feel like a total bad ass walking around withВ  few grand in your virtual pocket. If someone else kills you in the game then you will lose some of your hard earned money. So make sure that when you do have a ton of money on you that you whip out your phone and use the online banking in the game to make deposits.


Keep An Eye On Those White Dots

gta 5 online white dots
The white dots on your map are other players who are on the same server as you are. Make sure that you keep an eye on what other people are doing. If you see a white dot coming your way fast then get ready. As they may be getting chased by the cops or maybe they are just coming to get you! Either way if a white dot is heading your way make sure you have a finger on the trigger ready.

Save Your Game Before You Quit

GTA Online has an auto save feature, but it’s not a miracle worker. Many people have lost data in the game by just turning the game off when they have had enough. Make sure you press start and actually Leave the game as this will save all your data up to the very moment you stopped playing

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