Goat Simulator Cheats

Goat Simulator is one of the craziest games that has ever been made. This is a game where you literally are running around a town playing as a goat. The kind of life this goat will live is entirely up to you. Goat Simulator is just a really fun game, but to make sure you are getting the most out of the game. Have a look below at some of the cool stuff you can do in the game.

Goat Simulator Cheats

goat simulator cheats

Make Sure You Find The Goat Trophies (Statues)goat simulator cheats Trophies

Collecting the allocated numbers of Goat Trophies will allow you to transform your goat into some kind of mutant goat.

5 Trophies will get you the Tall Goat.

10 Trophies will get you Feather Goat.

20 Trophies will get you Giant Goat

30 Trophies Will get you Space Goat.

Play Hidden Mini Games

Goat Simulator has some pretty cool mini games that you can play, but they are not exactly out in the open. In the Coffee Stain Office, head up to the 2nd floor. You will see a large screen TV and this is where you play the games.

Flappy Goat: This is the default game that is on the TV. It is a take on the world wide 2 week phenomena that was Flappy Bird. All you do is press the R key will will make your goat on the TV flap and you need to avoid the obstacles.

Now if Flappy Goat was not cool enough there are another three hidden games! Press backspace when you are standing near the TV and you will see a secret menu pop up on the TV. Snake, Drug War and Box Pusher are the three games you can now select.


Go Into Outer Space

goat simulator cheats Outer Space

There is a pretty big house that has a white car and a green house outside. It has a two door garage and one of them will be open head inside. Inside you will find a Bacon Beacon. Use your creepy goat tongue to grab the Bacon Beacon.

Head over to the Farm Field. And near the Crop Circle there will be a pole that is located pretty close to the Beacon in this Crop Circle. Put your Bacon Beacon on the pole and now just kick back and wait for about 30 seconds. A UFO shows up and your goat will be abducted and taken into outer space!


Become The King Of The Goats

goat simulator cheats Outer Space

If you have always wanted to be a king…… well a king of goats well now is your chance.!

First thing you need to do is find the small stone tower. Make your way up the stair case that is outside the tower. You will come to a door at the top, enter this door and you will be taken right to the throne room of the King Of Goats!

If you go on the throne you will become the king. And now you can abuse your power of authority by summoning peasant goats to fall from the sky. To do this just hit the space bar.


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