The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats

To say people were excited for the Elder Scrolls Online is an understatement. The game was just so eagerly anticipated. Even people who had not really been into a MMO game before had their interest peaked. Well as cool as the game is it can be quite daunting and challenging for a new player. So this is why we have put together a little Elder Scrolls Online guide for you guys. These are things you should consider before you just rush into the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats

The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats


Plan Out Your character

Elder Scrolls Online has aВ  pretty neat character creator. The game does give you a great deal of options to really customize your character, but there are two things you will have to think long and hard about. And those are your class and your race as you cannot change these once you have picked them. So you are best to think about what kind of character you want to be in the long run. So if your goal is to become a Dragon Knight then you would be best making your characters race, Dunmer as they are great for using fire and dual wielding. All of the classes have their own special traits that will help you shape what kind of character you become so look into it before you just jump in.


Picking Your Alliance

The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats Alliance

The alliance that you decide to fight for at the beginning of the game will be who you are fighting for at the start of the game. Each of the factions in the game has their own starting area. So which one you pick will depend on where you start the game. If you want to play online with your friends you need to make sure you are all in the same alliance as it can take a while to level up enough so that you can join together.


Do As Many Quests As You Can!!!

The Elder Scrolls Online Quests Cheats

Questing is a huge part of Elder Scrolls Online. And while it can be tempting to play through the main missions to further along the game. The fact is if you want to get to a good level and score some really cool stuff then you need to talk to as many NPC’s as possible so that they will send you out on various quests. Most of the time you will get gold, but occasionally you will score some cool stuff.


Pick Up Everything You Can

Crafting items in Elder Scrolls Online is very easy. You just head to a station, pick what it is you would like to make and as long as you have the right resources then you can. So you will want to make sure you pick up as much stuff as you possibly can. Early on in the game you can craft your own gear. Sure it may only be low lever gear, but its better than having to actually buy it. This is a great way of saving your money for more expensive stuff later on.


Learn To Avoid Attacks

The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats Attacks

Standing there going toe to toe with an enemy is only going to get you killed. It may work early in the game, but you want to take these easier, early enemies as an opportunity to learn how to roll, block and stun enemies. Enemies have powerful moves, but if you look on the floor you will see a red marker this is the area of effect of where the attack will hit, this is where you use roll to avoid the attack. When an enemy charges up one of their attacks then white lines will go around them. These types of moves you need to block. Doing this will result in your enemy being stunned. Learning how to block and avoid attacks is every bit as important and learning to attack.

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