EA Sports UFC Cheats

EA Sports UFCВ is a game that many people have had on their radars. As soon as EA made their first MMA game. Many wondered how long it would be until EA would go after the UFC license. Well as it turns out not to long. To help you guys out we have a few hints and tips that will help you ground and pound your opponents!

EA Sports UFC cheats

EA Sports UFC Game Cheats


Pay Attention To Your Stamina

EA Sports UFC Stamina cheats

It cam be so tempting to run into a fight and just start flinging lefts and rights. But the problem with this is that each punch and kick you execute in EA Sports UFC will make your fighter get tired. When you are tired you are much more likely to get knocked out or taken to the ground. Also your attacks are more easily blocked when your stamina is low. So always keep an eye on your stamina meter. A good strategy to adopt when starting out with the game is to get in throw a few hits, get out and catch your breath.


Learn To Defend Takedown & Transitions

EA Sports UFC Fight cheats

You simply must learn how to defend yourself. You cannot win every fight purely on offence. Sometimes you need to soak up a little damage. Flicking the right analogue stick down along with R2 on Playstation and RT on Xbox is how you defend against takedowns and transitions. The split second you see that grapple coming start hitting the R button along with the right analogue stick. After a while you will get the timing down, but to start with just spam the heck out of it when you see your opponent attempting a grapple.


Counters Do More Damage Than Regular Hits

EA Sports UFC Counters cheats

Counters are a great way to do some pretty heavy damage to your opponent in EA Sports UFC. Holding down one of the punch or kick buttons along with the block button is how you can counter an attack. If you block a high attack then your counter will be a high attack and likewise for a low attack. When your opponent is tired then its far easier to counter them. Counter attacks are a great way if the fight is going the distance to nail them with a big hit before taking them out.


Closing The Distance

When the fight starts or when you and your opponent have been separated it can be tempting to just run straight into get things started. Doing this leaves yourself wide open to getting hurt pretty badly. Instead make sure you close the distance, but do it smartly. Taking some sidesteps as you are closing in is a great way to stop them being able to hit you or at least predict what you are gong to do. A lunging attack is an awesome way to take them by surprise, but if countered you can find yourself in trouble.


Know How To Transition Properly

EA Sports UFC cheats Transition

When your opponent has you mounted you need to know how to make a transition to half guard to keep yourself safe. Moving the analogue stick will let you get up, but at a huge risk of being attacked. Instead hold L1 on Playstation and LT on Xbox to keep your back to the canvas, but also to push your opponents legs away giving you a chance to get up.

Also as soon as you hit the mat do not try and change position like a man possessed. This will greatly reduce your stamina. Instead just try and stay cool as the more stamina you have the more chance you have of being able to getting through their guard or landing a successful sweep.

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