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Dark Souls 2 is one of the most anticipated sequels of the last few years. It is a dark and brooding third person adventure game that is just so much fun to play. As well as being fun to play Dark Souls 2 is also known for its soul destroying difficulty. For a new player this can be just brutal, but today we have a few hints and tips to help you along your way.

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Prepare To Die

One thing is for certain in Dark Souls 2 and that is you will die many times. The thing about this is that you need to not be discouraged by this. This is a very tough game and until you learn the game you will die more often than you would like. In the early stages just view each death as a learning experience.


Strengthen Your Estus Flask

Dark Soul 2 Cheats Estus Flask

Being able to heal yourself in Dark Souls 2 is somewhat of a rare occurrence. When you first arrive in Majula you will get your Estus Flask. This is great in healing yourself, but it can only be used once. You need to look for Estus Shards, which are scattered around Drangleic. These are what will strengthen your Estus Flask and in return will let you have more use of it to heal yourself. The problem is these are not common in the game. The first one in the game is actually hidden in Majula. There is a well close to the abandoned mansion. Hit the rock that is on the well and a dead body will rise up. The first Estus Shard in the game is located on the dead body.


Go Back And Get Your Souls

Each time you die in Dark Souls 2 (which will be frequently) you will lose some of your souls. Souls are what the game uses for its currency. So if you want to buy something or level up then you need all the souls you can get. So when you die and you lose some of your souls it sucks, but all is not lost. You see if you can find your way back to where you died (without being killed again!) then you can touch the bloodstain your dead body left and you can get back your lost souls. Another good tip here is to try and not keep to many souls on you at any one time. If you have a substantial amount on you then fast travel back by use of a bonfire to level up with them.


Talk Top NPC’s And Then Talk To Them Again!

Dark Soul 2 Cheats NPC

Dark Souls 2 is a game that wants to tell you its lore, but it’s not just going to give it up. You will meet many different non playable characters in your journey; make sure you speak to them all. Many of them you will need to speak to numerous times before they let you in on their knowledge or some lore. Some NPC’s will even give you treasure and some key items as well. Talking to merchants is variably important. As some will relocate to Majula if you talk to them enough. Having a few merchants all in the games hub world is great and makes preparing for the next part of the game so much easier. Bottom line is when you meet a NPC, always talk to them!


Use The Bonfire To Make The Game Easier……. Or Harder

There are a few items that you can burn in Dark Souls 2 that will have an effect on how hard the game is. Sublime Bone Dust for example will make your Estus Flask stronger. Human Effigies when burned will limit human players from invading your game. Both of these can make getting through Dark Souls 2 an easier time. But if you fancy yourself as something of a hardcore player. Then why not use Bonfire Ascetic, this will re-spawn enemies and make then tougher, but not just regular enemies, bosses as well! It’s worth noting that this does also re-spawn treasure as well.

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